Students' voices

My life was never as exciting as this

Before I went to England, I wasn't really interested in anything, because I didn't even know what I was into or what I enjoyed. In England, after just 3 weeks my tutor made me realise how exciting natural sciences can be when you work in small groups. I can hardly believe it: these days I voluntarily go into the lab on afternoons to try out more experiments. Before, I'd spend all that time messing around on Facebook.
- Julian D., 17, Essen

Finally I no longer get the same curt response from my teachers: "The score B is pretty good, isn't it?" when I ask how I could get an A. Now, when I feel like improving myself, I join my tutor in a personal study group and we voluntarily work on my maths skills in the evenings. That makes it possible for me to get closer to getting that A.
- Stephanie M., 16, Munich

At first I was afraid I would be homesick. But in British boarding schools, there is no room or time for homesickness. The days are so varied and you constantly meet new people from all over the world. Being bored in the afternoons and evenings is a thing of the past. My life was never as exciting as this.
- Sabrina S., 15, Berlin

In Germany they think you're a nerd if you show any interest in school. So you're better off if you act bored or disinterested. In England they welcome you and your interests with open arms. Motivation, community and a competitive spirit are seen as absolutely positive – by teachers and students.
- Nikolaus C., 17, Düsseldorf

In Germany, I spent half my afternoons travelling back and forth to hockey training, three times a week. Here in the boarding school, I just walk across the main field and in 5 minutes I'm on the hockey field. I can spend much more time training every day and make better use of my time.
- Paula S., 16, Münster

I came to England because I had a dream – the dream to be able to study in Cambridge one day. That is why I went to an elite English boarding school. My plan came to fruition: It was hard work – as a German. I got excellent support in a special study group, the so-called Oxbridge preparation group. My personal tutor was always there to constantly consult me and motivate me to believe in myself. Through my school, I was able to receive targeted interview and admission test training. I would never have been able to do that in Germany. If I had to do it all over again, I would do it just the same.
- Hannah H., 18, Dresden

My passion was musicals and dance. At my school in England, I was trained by the best instructors from the Royal Academy of Dance. After I received my IB, nothing stood in my way of being accepted at one of the best musical schools in the world, in New York.
- Sophie G. 19, Freiburg

In our family, we had a simple principle: If you're committed and you work hard, you can go to a British boarding school. It was a reward, not a threat. My time in England was the best school time in my life. I'm unbelievably grateful to my parents for this.
- Florian G., 17, Flensburg

In England, families will pinch every penny to scrape together the money for a boarding school education for their children. In England they place an extremely high priority on education. We had teachers that had studied in Oxford and Cambridge. You can notice this high level of education in the daily lessons and the school routine. I'm so grateful that my parents took this financial burden on themselves!
- Laura S., 18, Hamburg

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