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Professional consulting

As a trained Top Executive Coach, I have spent more than a decade helping many people achieve their potential. My clients include young managers that I supported in their first job opportunities and their ongoing professional careers. During this process it became clear to me that one of the most important phases in which to develop one's potential is during adolescence, and that this is not used adequately by many people. It is in this stage of life that one's intellectual receptivity is at a particularly high level. Added to this is the fact that the start to a successful future today is no longer at the age of 25, but at 15.

Interestingly, more and more clients ask me to consult them in the development and education of their children to optimally prepare them for the requirements of the international job market. Since I am intimately familiar with the British school system due to years of research and since I am convinced that the boarding school landscape in Great Britain is one of the best in the world, I exclusively recommend British boarding schools to my clients. The most important argument is not only the tradition of excellent education and development of values that goes back for centuries, but also learning English at a professional level. The "traditional British English" is held in especially high regard and opens many doors.

Individual preparation for interview and admission test

I provide my consulting services on an exclusive personal level. I do not want to steer masses of students into the boarding schools, but rather to individually support every adolescent and his or her family – from the beginning of the decision-making process for a British school until the return to Germany or to choose a subsequent course of study. Before I join you in selecting a suitable school, we will have met personally at least twice to properly assess your child's potential and to reconcile your expectations with those of your child and with my recommendations.

Following this, I will provide you with a recommendation for three to five schools, in which I will explain exactly how they fit your child's profile. You can then visit the schools personally, which I absolutely recommend you do. I will organise the itinerary for the visits and set up appointments for the personal interview that you and your child will conduct with representatives of the school. On request, I can prepare your child individually for this interview and for the admission tests. I work with qualified trainers and educators that are perfectly familiar with the requirements of the admission tests as well as the contents of the IB- and A-level courses.

Selecting the right subjects

Once you've chosen a school, I will help you in selecting the right subjects. When it comes to A-levels in particular, there are over 50 subjects, not all of which are recognised in Germany and internationally. This is where great care must be taken when combining different focal areas. I will also consult you in detail on the combination of the six IB-subjects. The British are clearly ahead of the Germans in some areas, while German students have more advanced knowledge in other subjects. An advanced mathematics course in England, for example, will be quite different from such a course in Germany.

British schools also offer subjects that are quite rare in Germany, such as economics. Such subjects make it possible for students that are planning to go on to study, for example, economics an excellent head start. Psychology is also possible as a school subject in Great Britain, but is only recognised by German education authorities in the correct combination with other IB-subjects. I will consider all these questions together with you and will develop the right recommendation for subjects at the right school for your child.

I only recommend schools that I have examined carefully. I only work with boarding schools that I have known personally for years and with whom I am in continuous close contact. My selection criterion is perfectly clear: I go by the top 100 list of British IB- and A-level schools.

Consulting during the child's stay in Great Britain – and beyond

On request, I will remain in close contact with you and your child during the school time in England, for example if there are questions regarding choosing other subjects or other extracurricular topics. I'm there for you even after the child's stay at the boarding school: For example, I'm familiar with the trappings of the German education authorities in detail with respect to the recognition of test scores achieved in Great Britain. I can gladly consult you in the selection for the right course of study at university as well.

This will also surely be of interest to you: since 2002, I have helped to place numerous German students in British boarding schools who then went on to study at international universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, St. Gallen as well as ETH Zurich. Of course renowned German universities such as RWTH Aachen, MH Hannover, WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management Vallendar, Bucerius Law School in Hamburg and the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich were also represented.

Potential analysis and career coaching

Due to my in-depth scientific training and my years of practice as a coach and consultant, I am perfectly familiar with both these subjects, and these skills play an important role in my consulting services. That is why I will also not pass you on to others when it comes to this important and sensitive subject. I can support you personally, for example with an aptitude or intelligence test or a comprehensive personality analysis of your child. If you decide to work with me, you may be deciding on a collaboration that can last for many years–from the initial interview for the selection of a boarding school to a consultation to select the right subjects for an internationally recognised school leaving certificate, support in selecting the right course of study at university to coaching during career entry and the further career beyond that. I will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you.

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